About Just Franky

Our World

Life is beautiful, throughout life you experience special moments and you gather loved ones to surround you. Just Franky offers you the possibility to capture the beauty of life for ever and to carry it with you every day. In a personal and special way, by integrating the beauty of life in a unique piece of golden jewelry. Just Franky stems from the word ‘frank’. Unique jewelry with your personal message to share with the rest of the world. Open your heart and capture special moments or loved ones for ever to carry with you every day with the signature of Just Franky.

Our craftmanship

Our jewellery are all handmade in the Netherlands only by the finest craftmen with years of exprience and education as goldsmith.

Our Story

When 2 women with the same passion; timeless jewellery with a personal tough to make it ‘your own’ brought their visions together, Just Franky became a fact and grew into a indispecible brandon the jewellery market. The vison behind Just Franky is making memories touchable.. So your precious moments in life will stay with you not only in your mind but captured in pure gold.” Jewellery should tell something about the person who is wearing it”

Our friends

Since the beginning of Just Franky several influencers and actors noticed the brand quickly and gave us the opportunity to capture their precious moments or loved ones in a piece of jewellery of their choice. We are very proud of our relationship we have established with them.

Amije Roos Van Der Laan

Sophia Tienstra

Liza Sips

Sylvana IJsselmuiden

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